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ICONS invites all its visitors to comment on the site, to make suggestions and argue with what they've seen here.

If you're curious about which icons and nominations other people have been commenting on and what they've been saying, you can read the ten most recent comments below.

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Comment on The Teddyboy

Being a Teddyboy from the 70s, its been a big part of my life - some of my favorite memories go back to that time when I lived in a little town in Kent. We got into trouble with the punks, but that's how it was back then. There was only about ten of us but we had some laughs. We used to go to the Star Cafe in Tonbridge, that was our place, we even paid for the Rock`n`Roll records for the jukebox. From what I know there are no Teds in Tonbridge anymore, which is a shame shame, but we left our mark. Here`s to the good old days - LONG LIVE THE TEDS,AND LONG LIVE ROCK`N`ROLL.

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Comment on The Teddyboy posted 2008-01-18 by Dave.Teddyboy No1 from Australia

Comment on Patterdale Terrier

Patterdales are totally faithful, loyal, brave and fearless beyond measure, not to mention tough and a little stubborn (or shall we call it focused??) They are inquisitive, intelligent, but quite wilful if they have their mind set on something. They love to play and need a lot of stimulation as they have huge reserves of energy - ours is either turned on or turned off, there are no in between settings. He absolutely will not be bullied by larger dogs and has chased off several who have tried to intimidate him, much to the embarrassment of the other owner! However his natural nature is friendly and he loves to play with other dogs. His favourites are Westies, who seem to make him go all weak at the knees, it's so funny to watch the transformation that he undergoes. It is because of the many characteristics he shares with an iconic Englishman that we call him Winston (perhaps not the weak at the knees over Westies bit though...)

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Comment on Patterdale Terrier posted 2008-01-18 by Mark from Berkshire

Comment on Fish and chips

Our favourite day out is to walk around Whitby Harbour eating freshly cooked fish & chips made with freshly caught Whitbv fish. I can recommend it.

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Comment on Fish and chips posted 2008-01-17 by Richard Walton from Wakefield West Yorksjire

Comment on steak & kidney pie

Although I have come across steak with suet dumplings as traditional fare in Eastern Europe, I have never come across Steak and Kidney pudding abroad. I consider the pudding to be 'down to earth' British food.

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Comment on steak & kidney pie posted 2008-01-16 by Pete Stevens from Exeter

Comment on The Argos Catalogue

My daughter is disabled and she really loves looking through the Argos catalogue, but she has trouble turning the pages. I'm after a laminated catalogue like those in store but not had much luck so far...

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Comment on The Argos Catalogue posted 2008-01-16 by marion taylor from bognor regis sussex

Comment on Cheddar Cheese

The cheese and maggot tradition may have lasted almost two centuries beyond 1720. My grandfather lived in Ashton-Under-Lyne in the 1870's and he used to relate how his grandmother would send him to the store to get maggoted cheese. He would bring it back, they would scrape off the maggots, and melt the cheese in the fireplace. Perhaps infested cheese was a bargain, or more unlikely, it was a delicacy but in any event it was available for sale long after 1720.

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Comment on Cheddar Cheese posted 2008-01-16 by William Jervis from Groton, Connecticut, US

Pre-War Templar

Simon Templar has been deluded over the past number of years The Pre WWII Templar was ruthless and cold blooded. I believe the new Saint series starring James Purefoy will have a much rougher edge. So much for breeding.

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Comment on The Saint (Simon Templar) posted 2008-01-16 by Templar Saint from Berlin Connecticut

Comment on Allotments

Uniquely British. Amazingly anacronistic given that they are often in areas of prime real estate. or along side railway lines, etc. Sanctuary for stressed people... a chance to get away from it all or perhaps socialise. Amazing testimony to the honesty of the british people that people rarely stole stuff from allotments. also a place where urban wildlife flourished.

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Comment on allotments posted 2008-01-14 by Gareth Denyer from Sydney, Australia

Comment on 19 Princelet Street

It's fabulous. I like it. Furthermore it has similarity by name with kolkata's princep street.

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Comment on 19 Princelet Street posted 2008-01-14 by RIDDHISH DAS from ASANSOL

Comment on Little Staughton, Bedfordshire

Little Staughton is a melting pot of old and new, local folk are all so helpful and friendly

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Comment on Little Staughton, Bedfordshire posted 2008-01-14 by Joe McDonald from www.robinsreach.co.uk

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